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About five years ago, after many false negatives, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease. I grew up with chronic, unexplained anemia, but because I was ‘chubby’ I was told it couldn’t be Celiac. After years of being treated unsuccessfully for IBS, a Hematologist treating my iron deficiency advised me to quit eating gluten and recommended having another test.

In the beginning, I thought my eating days were over, and I love to eat!  I hated ‘store bought’ bread, and my family was used to having fresh homemade bread as a daily routine. Boy, did they have a culinary adjustment to make! After about 5 months, my stomach began to feel better then it had felt my entire life. I decided then and there, I would definitely never eat gluten again, but something had to be done to improve the flavor and texture of what I WAS eating. 

My grandmother and my mother were wonderful cooks and bakers.  I always intended to compile a cookbook of all the family favorites that came down through the generations, but never found the time. So, out came the old cookbooks, and scraps of paper where they had jotted down recipes in their own handwriting that I have so fondly kept and cherished over the years. It certainly didn’t happen over night. I have had many trials and errors along the way, but I have lovingly recreated those recipes to have the taste and texture I remember growing up, but without the gluten. “Mama’ and ‘Grandma’ are no longer with us, but thanks to them, I inherited the love of cooking at a very early age and that certain ‘knack’ they both had to turn ordinary food into gourmet meals.

I know you will enjoy cooking and serving the dishes in my cookbooks.  The best part is the entire family will love them because they really don’t taste gluten free.  For the most part I have tried to use ingredients you can find at your local supermarket.  Any of the specialty flours I use, are readily available either online or at markets that specialize in health and organic foods.

Gluten Free Brownies in Free Recipes!If you join our mailing list either by ordering one of our free recipes or entering your email address in the "Join Mailing List," we will send you our newsletter with more free recipes each month.  We never sell or share your email address so you can feel safe here. 

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